2011 Runs




Engine & Tanker On House Fire


Dec 25th


Engine 2-56 and Tanker 56 responded with 10 to 1689 Path Valley Road in Peters Township for a house fire. While enroute, units were adivsed of entrapment. ET 9 arrived first in to confirm a working fire and one entrapped. E2-56 arrived to establish water suppy, supplying ET 9. Tanker 56 assisted in water supply shuttling water. A3-56 and Medic 1-56 were on scene as well, A3-56 transported a resident to the hospital during the incident. Units were on scene for approx. 3 hours before being released.




Back to Back MVA's


Dec 24th


Engine 1-56, MICU 1-56 and Ambulance 2-56 responded to Lincoln Highway & Lincoln Way East for an auto accident. Arriving units found two vehicles involved with five total patients. EMS transported and obtained refusals while the engines crew controlled hazards. While still on scene, Headquarters dispatched a second accident at 182 Buchana Trail. C56 responded and arrived finding one auto into a concrete barrier. Ambulance 3-56 was on scene and transported one. All units returned shortly after.



             Lincoln Highway MVA                 Buchanan Trail MVA


Vehicle Overturned


Dec 19th


Company 56 units responded to the 1300 block of Lincoln Way East for an auto accident with rollover. Units arrived finding a pickup truck on its side with one patient self extricated. EMS obtained a refusal and units returned to service.




Vehicle Over Embankment



Dec 19th


Engine 1-56 & EMS responded shortly after midnight to Buchanan Trail at the Fulton / Franklin County line for an auto accident over an embankment. C56 arrived at the top of the mountain to find a single vehicle approx 100 yards down the bank. Crews made access and found one patient still in the auto. EMS packaged the patient and was taken to the  FCMC where he was then flown out.




Oven Fire


Nov 15th


Engine 1-56 & Tanker 56 arrived on scene in Hillside Estates for an oven fire. Personnel made access finding smoke conditions and found fire in the oven. A PW was utilized and the fire extinguished. Crews ventilated and checked for extension before returning.




Rollover with Confinement


Nov 14th


Engine 1-56 & EMS responded to the 23000 Block of Great Cove Road for an auto accident with rollover. Units arrived confirming with one patient not injured. Crews stabilized the vehicle and began extrication. The patient was removed and evaluated.




Garage Fire


Nov 9th


Engine 1-56, Tanker 56 & Truck 56 responded in Dublin Twp on Plum Hollow Road for a reported house fire. C1-57 arrived to find a garage approx. 50 feet from the house fully involved with extension into the adjacent woods and a pickup truck, none to the house. E1-56 arrived a put two handlines in service and protected exposures and began knockdown. Additional units were called to assist including Brush 1-56 which assisted in containing the woods fire. Units returned with 2 hours.




Auto Accident


Oct 18th


Company 56 units were alerted to Great Cove Road in Todd Twp for an auto accident. Units arrived find two autos involved with minor injuries.




Auto Accident w/ 2 Flyouts


Oct 16th


E1-56, MICU 2-56 and A3-56 responded to Cito Road at Texas Eastern Drive for an auto accident with unknown injuries. C56 arrived finding two autos involved with a total of 6 patients and requested additional Ambulances and Air Medical. Four patients were transported to the FCMC, two of whom were flown from the helipad. All four ambulances from 56 were on scene with one ambulance from 55.




Fire Prevention Week


Oct 9th - 15th


Co56 members traveled all week long to area schools, day care centers and nursing and retirment homes to spread the word of fire prevention and fire safety. Smokey Bear made guest appearances regularly. Great Job and Thanks to everyone who helped!



Mass Casualty Drill


Oct 12th


Company 56 along with other Departments and County Departments took part in a MCI Drill this evening. A school bus accident was staged and dispatched by Fulton County 911 at 1800 hrs. Personnel responded and arrived and acted as if it were the real thing. It went very smooth and everyone learned a thing or two from it. Great Job to Everyone!






Motorcyle Accident w/ Flyout


Oct 9th


E1-56 & EMS responded to 17000 Lincoln Highway for a motorcyle accident. C56 arrived finding on motorcycle involved with a class 1 patient and put Air Methods in the air. EMS arrived and packaged the patient and awaited on scene for Life Net. E1-56 established the LZ on the scene. Units remained on scene until the helicopter took off safely.




Landing Zone & EMS Assist


Oct 5th


E1-56 was dispatched to assist Co57 with an auto accident involving a motorcycle. While enroute, Command 57 advised 56 to set up an LZ at Great Cove and Waterfall Road. E1-56 arrived and establised an LZ just off of Waterfall Road. Amb 3-56 responded to assist with a second patient at the mva. E1-56 remained at the LZ until the patient was loaded into Life Net 8-1 and they safetly lifted off.



Shed Fire



Sept 22nd


E2-56 & T56 responded with 6 personnel to McDowell Road in Franklin County, Peters Twp for a mobile home fire. Co9 units arrived finding an outbuilding involved. Crews from 9, 18, Sta4 & 56 worked in knockdown and overhaul operations for about an hour before returning to service.


Motorcylce Accident


Sept 19th


E1-56, MICU 2-56 & A4-56 responded to LHW & Circle Drive for a motorcycle accident. Units arrived finding a motorcyclist rear ended a vehicle with a Class 2 patient. EMS packaged and transported to FCMC, shortly after flown out.




Members Travel To Shanksville


Several members traveled via Brush 2-56, Ambulance 3-56 and a few personal vehicles to Shanksville, PA to the Flight 93 Memorial.




Auto Accident


Sept 15th


E1-56, MICU 1-56 & A3-56 arrived at 13000 Great Cove Road to find a vehicle which had driven off the road way and into a porch with a class 2 patient still in the car. EMS packaged the patient while FD checked for hazards.




Vehicle Fire


Sept 14th


E1-56, T56 and EMS responded to Pleasant Ridge Road in Licking Creek Twp for a car fire. Units arrived finding a pick up truck well off. The fire was brought under control and units returned within a half hour.




Auto Overturned



Aug 30th


Co56 units were dispatched to 11000 Block of Lincoln Highway in the area of the Scrub Ridge Inn for an auto accident with rollover. E1-56, A2-56 and MICU 3-56 arrived confirming dispatched with a Class 2 patient self extricated.


Auto Accident



Aug 22nd


E1-56, A3-56, A4-56 and M1-56 arrived at Great Cove Road and Cito Road to find one auto into a utility pole with one Class 2 patient.



Motorcycle Accident


Aug 12th


Engine, Ambulance and Medic 56 were dispatched to 18734 Lincoln Highway for a motorcycle accident. C56 arrived to confirm dispatch. EMS took care of Class 2 and 3 patients, the Engines crew contained fluids.




Vehicle into a Building



Aug 10th


A little after midnight, Co56 units were dispatched to 1 JLG Drive for an auto accident into a building. C4-56 arrived to confirm dispatch with the corrected address at 440 Buchanan Trail at the DCNR Building. EMS handled a patient refusal with FD checked hazards and the building.



CVVFA Convention


Aug 4-6


Company 56 hosted the 2011 CVVFA Convention this weekend. Among the events were a picnic held at the American Legion Picnic Grounds, a banquet at the Legion along with multiple meetings and trainings and the parade on Saturday. A great turnout of fire apparatus and patrons watching the parades despite the rain. A big thanks to everyone who made this years convention a huge success!




Woods Fire



July 26th


Company 56 was alerted to R & D Lane in Todd Twp for a woods fire. Brush 1-56 arrived to find a small fire caused by a down power line in the woods. The Brush was unable to make access so Ranger 56 was alerted to contain the fire along with Indian Cans. Co56 returned within an hour.



House Fire


July 17th


Company 57 units were initially dispatched to Pump Station Road for an outside investigation. After receiving additional calls, Headquarters dispatched the box for a house fire. E1-56 arrived, laying in to find a house fully involved and began defensive operations. Crews from 57, 56, 55 & HC12 worked in containing the fire. The fire was under control within a few hours and Command 57 began releasing units. FC E18-1 transferred during the incident.




Horse Trailer On Fire


July 14th


56 units were alerted to 19737 Great Cove Road initially for a mobile home fire. E1-56 arrived finding a horse trailer off next to an out building. Crews put two crosslays in service containing the fire to the trailer. Co 56 was assisted by Co 55 while E1-57 transferred.




Vehicle Fire


July 14th


Company 56 units were dispatched to Lincoln Highway & Black Bear Road for a vehicle fire. E1-56 arrived to find a pickup truck fully involved hauling a trailer. The Engine's crew put a line in service and contained it to the truck.




Vehicle Into the House



June 16th


E1-56, A4-56 & M1-56 arrived in the Borough at North Second & East North to find an auto into the side of a house. Personnel secured any possible hazards while EMS packaged a Class 3 patient.




Standby at the Fairgrounds


Crews standby at the Fulton County Fairgrounds while the

4-Wheeler Drags took place. No injuries were had during the event.


Auto Accident



June 7th


E1-56 and A4-56 arrived at the 17000 Block of Lincoln Highway to find a pickup rear ended by a car. EMS handled patient care while the Engines crew handled fluid control.



Auto Accident Reported Entrapment


May 26th


As 56 units were handling multiple calls and assisting Company 55 with the storm hitting the area, Headquarters dispatched for an auto accident with entrapment in the 24000 Block of Great Cove Road. Engine 1-56, 3 BLS and 2 ALS from 56 responded. Chief 1-56 arrived denying entrapment with a Class 1 patient and Class 3 patient. EMS transported while FD handled debris and fluids.




Company 56 Holds Retirement Dinner for Ray Miller


Members and Family attend a retirement dinner hosted by Company 56 for Ray Miller of the DCNR. Ray has assisted us as well as many other Departments for many years.


From all of us at Comapny 56 ... THANK YOU Ray and Best Wishes in the Future.


Auto Accident



May 14th


Company 56 responded to 18734 LHW for an auto accident Class 2. Units arrived to find a vehicle on its roof with minor injuries. Personnel packaged one patient.



Auto Accident


May 10th


 Company 56 units were alerted to the 17000 block of Lincoln Highway for an auto accident with unknown injuries. Chief 56 arrived finding two vehicles involved with two refusals and a Class 3 transport. EMS arrived to handle the patients while the Engines crew contained hazards and controlled traffic.




Wood Pile Fire



May 2nd


Engine 2-56 responded with 5 to Big Cove Tannery Road and Corner Road for a wood pile on fire. The Engine arrived to be led back a lane to access the fire. A trash line was put in service and the fire controlled.



Dumpster Fire


April 30th


Company 56 units were dispatched to Lincoln Way West and Peach Orchard Road for a dumpster fire. Engine 1-56 arrived finding a large dumpster involved. Crews worked to bring the fire under control. Brush 2-56 was on scene utilizing the CAFS.




Search Detail



April 27th


UTV 56, Engine 1-56 and Amb 4-56 were on scene at 29169 Great Cove Road assisting Co57 with a search detail. Co56 worked with crews from 57, 55, FC9, FC18, PSP and DCNR. Units operated for approx. 2 hrs before the subject was located. FC Engine 11-1 was enroute for the transfer when the subject was found.



Chimney Fire


April 25th


Units were alerted to 519 Back Run Road in Ayr Twp for a chimney fire. Engine 1-56, Truck 56 and Tanker 56 arrived to find smoke coming from the flue. The Truck was positioned and crews found fire in the flue. The fire was contained with negative extension. Engine 1-57 transferred while 56 operated on scene.






April 7th


E1-56, Amb 1 & 4-56 responded to Sipes Mill Road in Licking Creek Twp for an auto accident. Units arrived with one auto into a pole. One patient was transported.



MVA in the Borough



April 6th


E1-56 and A1-56 responded to North Second Street and East North Street for an auto accident. Units arrived to find two autos with patient refusals.



Vehicle Into a Pond



April 2nd


Company 56 units responded to Forestdale Road in Licking Creek Twp for an auto accident, vehicle into a pond. Chief 56 and Amb 4-56 arrived to find an abandoned vehicle partially submergerd in a pond. Crews checked the area for any occupants and none were found.




March 31st


E1-56, the 3rd & 4th 56 Ambulance and Medic 60 responded to 6235 Aughwick Road in Todd Twp for an auto accident with reported entrapment. While enroute, information was given and was unsure of the location. Medic 60 arrived on scene to find one vehicle into a tree with the tree on top of the vehicle with two patients, not entrapped nor confined. Crews from E1-56 secured the vehicle as EMS loaded both patients with assistance from the FD and bystanders. FC E21-2 and E2-57 were on scene as well assisting with clearing the roadway.






March 29th


E1-56 and Ambulance 4-56 responded to LHW and Sipes Mill Road for an auto accident. Units arrived with one auto which had rolled over a small embankment with one patient self extricated. FD assisted EMS in packaging.




MVA w/ Rollover



March 28th


E1-56 responded with 5 to Little Cove Road in Warren Twp with Ambulance 9-7 and Medic 1-56 for an auto accident. Units arrived to find a pickup truck on its roof with no patient found. Units returned while E1-56 transferred to Co9 while they assisted on a house fire. No calls were handled.


Brush Fire


March 28th


56 units responded to Black Bear Road and Gravel Lane for a brush fire. Chief 56 arrived and requested Brush 55 and 57. All three companies worked in containing the fire.




Auto Accident


March 18th


E1-56 and EMS responded to 6235 Aughwick Road in the area of Cowans Gap State Park for an auto accident with rollover. Units arrived to find a vehicle on its roof with no occupants in or around the vehicle. The patient returned to the scene a short time later to be treated by EMS.


House Fire


March 15th


E1-56, Tanker 56 and Truck 56 responded to assist Co 57 on the house fire at 31199 Great Cove Road. E1-56 arrived with Chief 1-57 to find fire around the chimney. Crews opened the roof and contained it. Units operated for approx 2 hrs.




Debris Removal?


March 13th


Ambulance 4-56 responded to Rock Hill Road and Back Run Road for an accident victim requested by PSP. The Ambulance arrived to find a car in two pieces and requested the Engine Company to assist. E1-56 responded and arrived with 6 to assist with debris removal, while EMS handled patient care. This was a "non injury accident".


MVA w/ Entrapment & Flyout


March 8th


Company 56 units were alerted at around 0530 hrs to Great Cove Road and Rockhill Road for an auto accident with entrapment. E1-56 and EMS arrived to find two vehicles, one Class 4 entrapped and the other Class 1 self extricated. Crews assisted in packaging and setting up the LZ at the scene for Life Lion 3. Units remained until released by the Coroner and PSP.




Field Fire


March 4th


Brush 1-56, Engine 2-56 and Tanker 56 responded to Overly Raker Road in Licking Creek Township for a field fire. Brush 1-56 arrived to find approx 3-4 acres burnt and spreading into the woods. The fire was contained with assistance from Brush 57.




EMS & Ranger Assist PSP


Feb 20th


Ambulance 3-56 & 4-56 and Ranger 56 were requested by PSP to assist on an incident on Cito Road. Units were on scene for approx. 5 hours.




Mutual Aid Assists


Feb 18th


Engine 2-56, Truck 56 and Tanker 56 responded with 14 to Iron Bridge Road assisting Co 57 on a possible electrical fire. While enroute, Co 57 was alerted on a woods fire on North Clear Ridge Road. Engine 2-56 was diverted to the wildfire while the Tanker and Truck were placed in service. The crew on the engine assisted in mop up.




Possible Brush Fire

Feb 18th


Brush 1-56 and Engine 2-56 responded to Cito for a brush fire. Brush 1-56 arrived to find a trailor on the ground involved. Apparently, it was being torn down and caught fire. Crews wet down the surrounding area and remained until the fire died down.


Transfer to PHVFD


Feb 12th


A Crew of 9 traveled to Pleasant Hall to cover Fire & EMS during their annual banquet. One EMS call was handled during the standby. Crews were treated to a meal and a very nice banquet.



Thanks for the invite! Hope to see you next year!



Feb 7th


E1-56 and EMS responded to Buchanan Trail and Horton Drive for an auto accident with rollover and entrapment. Units arrived to find a vehicle on its side with one patient confined. Crews stablized the vehicle and extricated the patient and assisted in patient packaging. EMS transported Class 2.


 Grant Notification


Company 56 is proud to announce we've recieved


notification from Congressman Shusters office on


$157,729 on upgrading our radios.




JOB WELL DONE to Donna Welsh !!



 Chimney Fire w/ Extension


Feb 6th


E1-56 arrived with 5 at 0233 hrs at 335 South Second Street in the Boro to find light smoke conditions throughout the house and found fire in the walls. Crews opened up the wall in the living room and put a knock on it. Additional crews arrived and checked for extension in the attic and found none.




 Auto Accident


Feb 2nd


E1-56 and EMS responded to Mountain Ridge Road for an auto accident. Units arrived to find a vehicle into a tree with a Class 2 patient. EMS packaged and the FD checked the vehicle.




 Chimney Fire


Jan 15th


E2-56, Tanker 56 and the Truck responded to Boy Scout Road assisting Co57 with a chimney fire. While enroute, Truck 56 came upon an auto accident and requested Ambulance and Medic 56 while the Engine & Tanker proceeded to the 57 box. Units arrived to find fire in the flue. Personnel working in containment and returned to service shortly after.

 49th Annual Awards Banquet


Jan 15th


Company 56 held its 49th annual awards banquet this evening to give recognition to the members. Awards are as follows. Fireman of the Year presented by MC David Hoover to Donna Welsh for all her hard work over the years and recently with obtaining several grants. EMT of the Year presented by the top EMS responders to Pete Lynch for his dedication and ensuring coverage for the EMS trucks while short handed. Fire Chiefs award to Cody Lynch. EMS Chiefs award presented by EMS Chief Cody Lynch to Joe Rosenberry for all of his hard work and dedication to the Ambulance Squad. Special thanks to the transfer crews from PHVFC and Monroe FC also the Mountain Gate Restaurant.



Fireman of the Year - Donna Welsh             EMT of the Year - Pete Lynch



Fire Chief's Award - Cody Lynch                2010 Top Fire Responders


 Firemans Funeral



Members paid tribute to life member and past Asst Chief Reed Lynch.


Chief Pete Lynch and Family would like to thank everyone and all

Fire Companies for their support and offerings during this difficult time.


 House Fire


Jan 4th


E1-56, E2-56, Truck 56, and Tanker 56 responded to Cove Valley View Lane in Co55's first due for a house fire. 56 units arrived to assist in fire suppression and overhaul. Units operated approx 4 hrs.





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