2008 Runs



Mutual Aid


Nov 19th - Tanker 56 was alerted at 16:57 to assist Company 55 for a chimney fire at 4217 Pigeon Cove Rd Bethel Twp. Chief 55 was advised that a firefighter was on the scene from his company only requesting one engine. Chief 55 placed tanker 56 available at 17:01.




Nov 15th - E1-56 Tanker 56 were dispatched to assist Company 57 at 11:35 for an automatic fire alarm at 11048 Waterfall Rd Dublin Twp. Alarm Company called back advising that some one was on the scene and stated that the alarm went off due to burnt food no need for the fire department. 56 units went available at 11:38.


4 Runs for the Day


Nov 14th - Company 56 members were standing outside when they witnessed an auto accident at 12:00 in front of the fire hall. Members quickly alerted Headquarters and transported one patient to the hospital. Tanker 56 was later alerted at 15:42 to assist Company 55 for an unknown type fire outside in the area of 369 Pleasant Grove Rd. Belfast Twp. Chief 55 arrived on scene to find a small controlled burn and placed Tanker 56 available at 15:49. 56 units were dispatched at 17:45 for an AFA at 3746 Cito Rd. Cito Church Ayr Twp. Chief 2-56 arrived on scene to confirm a false trip and placed the box available at 17:49. Medic 56 was alerted at 18:22 for an auto accident at 12774 Buchanan Trail West Peters Twp. Ambulance 3-56 was then also alerted at 18:22 units arrived on scene to handle patient refusals and 56 EMS went available at 20:00.



Smoke in a Dwelling


Nov 8th - Tanker 56 E1-56 were alerted at 22:14 to assist Company 57 for smoke in a dwelling at 445 Pitt St. Taylor Twp. Units responded at 22:18. Chief 1-57 arrived on scene to find a furnace malfunction and placed 56 units available at 22:30.

Mobile Home Fire





Nov 3rd - At 8:00 Company 56 was dispatched to assist Company 55 on a mobile home fire at 8429 Timber Ridge Rd Belfast Twp. C55 arrived on scene to confirm a working fire. 56 units arrived on scene to assist in knockdown and overhaul.




Auto Accident w/ Entrapment


Nov 2nd - 56 units were alerted at 16:46 to assist FC Company 9 on an auto accident w/ entrapment at the 1600 of Lincoln Hwy Peters Twp. FC HQ advised 56 units that there was one auto off the  embankment with entrapment and possible ejection. Units arrived on scene at 17:04 to assist in extrication and releasing patient care to EMS.  


E1-56 w/ 6, Car 56 w/4,

Total of 22 Co56 Personnel.



Photos Courtesy of Sta4.


Assist to 55


Nov 1st - E2-56, T56, Br1-56, and Car 56 responded at 1838 hrs along with Co55 to 6991 Great Cove Rd for the field fire next to a structure. 56 was responded with 13 and was turned around at 1846 hrs.




Nov 1st - At 1445 hrs, just after returning from the "barn fire", E2-56 went on the transfer to FC 18's house. The Engine completed transfer with 4 and put available within a half hour.


Barn Fire Turned to Rubbish Fire





Nov 1st - Company 56 units were alerted at 1345 hrs to 19962 Great Cove Rd for a building fire.

E1 & 2-56, T56 and C56 responded to have the Box upgraded to a barn fire. E1-56 and the Chief arrived with 6 to find straw on fire next to an outbuilding. C56 held it to the 56 units.





Two Days, Two Transfers


Oct 29th & 30th - At 2030 hrs, E2-56 transferred to Co9s quarters with 4 while they assisted Greencastle with a house fire. The Engine cleared at 2303 hrs with no calls handled. E2-56 transferred on again this time to Co18's house. The Engine Crew handled no calls and returned at around 1330 hrs.


EMS Assist at Cowans Gap


Oct 28th - At 0830 hrs, A1-56 responded to 6235 Aughwick Rd for a fall victim Class 2. Chief 4-56 responded as well and arrived to find a trauma arrest, upgrading to ALS and Fire Dept. Medic 56, Car 56 and Br1-56 responded and arrived to assist in resuscitation. All units went in service at 1000 hrs.


An Odor of Smoke in Sheetz


Oct 26th - At 0630 hrs, E1-56 & Car 56 responded to a smoke in the building call at Sheetz, 720 LWE. Units arrived along with Chief 56 to find no fire, but burnt food in the fryer. 56 returned to service.




Auto Accident




Oct 25th - Company 56 units were dispatched at 16:18 for an auto accident at Pine Tree Farm Lane and Lincoln Hwy. Licking Creek Twp. E 1-56 responded at 16:21.E 1-56 arrived on scene at 16:33 to assist in patient packaging. Units went available at 16:47.


Woods Fire


Oct 24th - At 05:36 B 1-56 was dispatched to assist Company 55 on a woods fire at 962 Martin Rd Belfast Twp. B 1-56 responded at 05:41. B 1-56 was placed available by Company 55 at 05:45


Shed Fire and Auto Accident w/ Entrapment




Oct 23rd - At 03:24 Company 56 was alerted to assist Company 57 for a shed fire at 2300 North Clear Ridge Rd Dublin Twp. Units arrived on scene to assist Company 57 with overhaul operations. Company 56 went available at 05:00.


Later that evening at 23:03 units were dispatched for an auto accident w/ entrapment at the intersection of Great Cove Rd. and Confederate Lane Ayr Twp. Units arrived on scene to confirm entrapment. Engine 1-56 stabilized the vehicle and proceeded with extrication. The patient was freed in a matter of minutes and turned over to EMS. Units went available at 23:51.




Oct 16th - At 10:28 56 units were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at 1 JLG Drive JLG Industries. E -156 responded at 10:30. C56 arrived found it to be a false trip, placed the box in service.


Fire Prevention 2008


Company 56 set out to various locations during Fire Prevention Week to educate citizens of fires, fire hazards, and so forth.






Thanks to DCNR for providing the Smokey suit.


Storage Sheds on Fire


Oct 10th - At 22:23 E 1-56 and T 56 were dispatched for storage shed buildings on fire at 1000 McDowell Rd Franklin County Peters Twp. Units responded at 22:24. Franklin County Headquarters advised units that there were 4 12x20 storage sheds on fire. Units arrived on scene at 22:40 to assist in operations and went available at 00:26


Smoke in a Dwelling


 Oct 7th - E 1-56 and T 56 were dispatched at 07:50 for smoke in a dwelling at 13517 Timber Ridge Rd Belfast Twp units responded at 07:54. Chief 55 placed the engine available. T 56 continued in and went available at 08:04

       E-156w/5, T 56w /2, and TK 56w/2

Mutual Aid


 Oct 6th - At 14:01 E 1-56 and T 56 were dispatched for an auto fire next to a dwelling at 3955 Timber Ridge Rd Thompson Twp units responded at 14:03. Co 55 downgraded the box and placed Company 56 available at 14:07.

E-156w/4 and T56w/3


Wishing A Farewell to a Friend and Deputy Fire Chief





Oct 4th- Company 56 members held a going away party at the Whitetail Ski Resort for Rodney Mellott. The long time 35 year member will be moving to Florida this Fall and returning during the Springs and Summers. The Members of Company 56 would like to wish the best of luck to Rodney and his wife in there new venture. Rodney will be greatly missed as the Deputy Fire Chief and Friend without him being around the company like he always was. A special thanks to Jeff Main for making the arrangements for us to have the party at Whitetail Ski Resort.



Dumpster Fire


Oct 3rd - At around 0300 hrs, after a long drought with no fire calls,  Co56 units were alerted to Double Deuce Drive in Ayr Twp for the dumpster fire. E1-56 and A3-56 responded and arrived with a dumpster well off. Personnel put an attack line in service. Crews foamed the dumpster then returned at 0430 hrs.



Engine 1 on the Farm Building Fire


Sept 13th - At 1214 hrs, just as members were returning from a fireman's funeral, Engine 56 was alerted to FC Montgomery Twp on Carper Rd for the shed fire. E1-56 arrived to assist in knockdown and overhaul operations.



MVA in the Borough





Sept 11th - At 1100 hrs, Co56 responded to 314 LWE in the Boro for the auto accident. A3-56 and Medic 56 transported one to the FCMC.



Auto Accident




Sept 8th - 56 units responded to this mva at 26189 Great Cove Road. E1-56 and EMS 56 arrived with a truck off the road with minor injuries.






Sept 2nd - E1-56 and EMS responded to 2429 Peach Orchard for the auto accident. Units arrived with one vehicle partially blocking the roadway with a Class 2 pt.




Motorcyle Accident




Aug 31st - At 0330 hrs, just after clearing the first accident, Co56 units were alerted back out to Circle Drive and LHW this time for a motorcycle accident. Units went on scene with one patient Class 1 off the roadway.


Auto Accident




Aug 31st - At 0208 hrs, 56 units were alerted to Circle Drive and LHW for the mva. Units arrived with one auto overturned with one patient.



Stove Fire


Aug 18th - At 1820 hrs Franklin County called for Engine and Tanker 56 to 10912 LWW for the stove fire in a dwelling. E1-56 and T56 responded with a total of 10 at 1821 hrs and were placed in service at 1822 hrs.


Silo Fire Box 9-18


Aug 14 - Tanker 56 responded with 6 at 0720 hrs to 6470 Lemar Road in Franklin County. Thr Tanker arrived to assist Co9 in suppression operations. Tanker 56 returned at 1004 hrs.


MVA in the Boro




 Aug 12th - E1-56 and A3-56 responded at 1530 hrs to 503 LWE for the motor vehicle accident. Units arrived with two vehicles involved with one injury. Units went availble at 1611 hrs.

Auto Accident


Aug 10th - At 2045 hrs, Co56 units were alerted to 888 LWE at the Fairgrounds for the MVA. Units arrived with three vehicles involved with two injuries.




Structure Fire Turned to Transfer


Aug 10th - E1-56 responded with 5 to 21519 Selea Hollow Road in Huntington County for the structure fire at 0600 hrs. The Engine was diverted from the fire to Company 57's station. E1-56 returned available at 0704 with no calls handled.


MVA with Confinement


Aug 10th - At 0030 hrs, Company 56 responded on the auto accident with confinement at 4591 LHW. E1-56 arrived with 6, cribbed the vehicle and popped the drivers side door and assisted in patient packaging. Three patients were transported to the FCMC by 56 Ambulances. Company 56 returned at 0201 hrs with the roadway opened.




Tanker Assist


Aug 5th - Tanker 56 responded with 8 at 2011 hrs to Bethel Twp, 302 Long Hollow Road for a possible house fire. The Tanker responded for 10 minutes before being turned around at 2021 hrs.


Fuel Spill


Aug 5th - At 1600 hrs, E1-56 responded to 635 LWE for a fuel spill. The Engine arrived with a minor fuel leak at a residence. Personnel corrected the problem and went available.


EMS Assist  &  LZ Operations


Aug 2nd - At 1718 hrs, Co57 was alerted to the PA Turnpike at Exit 180 for the auto accident. 57 units arrived with four pts, two of which Class 1 bringing A3-56 and Medic 56. E1-56 was requested to set up the LZ for STAT MedEvac and Life Lion at the FCMC. All Co56 units were available at 1848 hrs.





Mutual Aid


Aug 2nd - Co57 and 56 units were dispatched at 1326 hrs to 2996 Plum Hollow Road in Dublin Twp for smoke in the house. E1-56 responded with 5 along with the Truck with 4 and arrived to assist 57 with operations. With no fire found units were placed in service.


Video of Response (E1-56)


Auto Accident


Aug 2nd - E1-56 and A3-56 responded at 0200 hrs to the 21000 BLK of Great Cove Road for the MVA. Units arrived with one auto into a corn field with a pole sheared off, one injury. A3-56 transported one to the FCMC, the Engine controlled hazards.






Aug 1st - At 0937 hrs, Company 56 units were alerted to 709 LWE at Johnnies Motel for the automatic fire alarm. E1-56 arrived with nothing evident and after further investigation found it to be a false trip.





Company     56     REHAB





Ambulance 3-56 will now be designated the "Rehab" Ambulance for fires,

lengthy auto accidents, special events, etc. With the purchase of the

"Mister" Fan, the canopy, chairs, and ice cold drinks,

Company 56 is now "Rehab Ready"!


Also, Thanks to Dana Signs for the McConnellsburg Fire Dept Rehab Sign!


Auto Accident


July 28th - At 2308 hrs, Co56 units were dispatched to 717 Back Run Road for the MVA with unknown injuries. C56 arrived first with one auto into a pole with wires down. The road was shut down for quite some time, A3-56 transported one to FCMC Class 2.




July 27th - At 0200 hrs, Engine and Ambulance 56 were alerted to 212 LWE Apt 3 for an automatic fire alarm. Capt 4-56 arrived first with nothing evident from the outside and proceeded in. Personnel found the alarm to be a malfunctioning oxygen machine. Chief 1-56 placed the 56-01 box in service at 0206 hrs.


Ranger 56 In Service




Engine Transfer to Co18


July 15th - At 1750 hrs, E2-56 transferred to FC Co18's quarters with 6 and completed at 1819 hrs. E2-56 handled no calls and returned at 1900 hrs.


Engine & Tanker to FC


July 14th - At 1532 hrs, E1-56 and T56 responded with a total of 11 to FC Montgomery Twp, 11915 Punch Bowl Road for the mobile home fire. Units arrived and assisted in overhaul operations. Co56 returned at 1659 hrs.


  Photos Courtesy of Company 9.


Transfer to FC 9


July 14th - Just a half hour after leaving the AFA, Engine 56 was alerted on the transfer to Co9's quarters. E2-56 transferred at 0228 hrs with 5 and completed at 0242 hrs. The Engine handled no calls and returned at 0330 hrs.


AFA in the Boro


July 14th - While on scene in Franklin County, Co56 units were alerted to 104 Myers Avenue for an automatic alarm. E1-56 responded with 5 and arrived with nothing evident from the outside. After investigation, personnel found it to be a false trip and placed the 56-01 box in service at 0200 hrs.


Tanker to St. Thomas





July 14th - At 0050 hrs, Tanker 56 responded with 7 to FC St Thomas Twp at 2328 Community Center Road for the house fire. The Tanker arrived on scene and staged at the main road to be placed in service by Command 18 at 0330 hrs.


Photo Courtesy of Sta4.

Two Parades - Three 1st Places




Brush 1-56 and Ambulance 3-56 traveled to Petersburg for the

Huntington County Fireman's Convention Parade and returned with

Best Appearing Brush and BLS Units.


Also Brush 2-56 along with the NEW Ranger 56

traveled to the Fannettsburg Parade and received 1st Place.


 Motorcycle Accident


July 11th - At 1739 hrs, Engine 1-56, Ambulance 2-56 and the Medic responded to 399 South Mountain Top Drive for the motorcycle wreck. Units arrived with a single patient Class 1. Command 56 requested STAT MedEvac to the FCMC where A2-56 would meet them. All units returned at 1837 hrs.


Single Vehicle Accident




July 3rd - At 2042 hrs, E1-56 and EMS responded to LHW in the area of Pleasant Ridge RD for the auto accident with reported entrapment. A3-56 arrived first with a single vehicle blocking one lane with one Priority 1 patient, negative entrapment. Crews stabilized and packaged the pt who was transported to the FCMC to meet STAT MedEvac at the Heli-Pad. After controlling hazards and clean up, Company 56 returned at 2137 hrs.



E1-56 w/ 6, A2-56 w/ 2 (Medic), A3-56 w/ 2.



July 2nd - At 0801hrs E1-56 and A3-56 responded to a flooding call at 5951 Cito Road. Units arrived with

1 - 2 inches of water in the basement. Personnel worked in removing the water for approx. an hour.



E1-56 w/ 5, A3-56 w/ 2

Back to Back Tree & Wires


June 27th - With a strong thunderstorm rolling through the area, it was only a matter of time before a call came in for wires or trees down. The first one come in at 1508hrs at Back Run Rd and Meadow Grounds. Car 56 responded with 4 and arrived with a tree laying across telephone wires, endangering nothing and after the proper authorities were contacted, Company 56 went available. While returning, Headquarters advised of trees and wires down across the road with unknown injuries on Meadow Grounds Road. Car 56, and E1-56 responded and went on scene with two trees blocking both lanes of travel with live wires down, no injuries. Command 56 contacted the Township who took care of the problem. Fire Police remained on scene until the road was clear.


E1-56 w/ 6, Car 56 w/ 4, and 5 POV's.

Another MVA


June 25th - At around 1045hrs, C56 came upon an auto accident involving a tractor-trailer in the Boro at 6th and LWE. C56 advised Headquarters to copy an emergency and brought E1-56, A2-56 and the Paramedic. Units went on scene with a single occupant in the auto and transported to FCMC. The driver of the semi was also taken to the Medical Center for precautions by A3-56. The Engine's crew handled a fluid spill with the help of PennDOT. All units returned at around 1300hrs.




New Firehall Projects





Located to the East of the New Hall is a


maltese cross made of stones with the "56"


being concrete. Done by Jason & Howard


Fox. The flagpoles were erected


by Scott Sipes (LT3-56)

Picture taken out of the bucket of Truck 56.




June 24th - After a busy day of EMS calls, Engine and Ambulance 56 were dispatched at 1734hrs to 17000 BLK of LHW for the auto accident. Units arrived with a single vehicle and A3-56 transported one pt. Co56 went available at 1811hrs.


Auto Accident & LZ Operations


June 24th - At 0550hrs, Co55 units were dispatched on the auto accident at GCR and Timber Ridge. The wreck was upgraded to ALS with confinement bringing Medic 56. E1-56 was also dispatched due to the nature of the accident but was diverted to set up the LZ for STAT MedEvac. All 56 units cleared at 0656hrs.




MVA with Multiple Entrapped


June 22nd - At 1850hrs, Co57 units were called on an auto accident with unknown unjuries on Great Cove Rd at the Turnpike. A few moments went by when Headquarters updated the box with additional units, now with triple entrapment. E1-56 responded with 6, Car 56 with 4 along with A2 and 3-56 and the Medic. 57 & 56 units arrived with four Priority 1 patients, two vehicles blocking all traffic North and South Bound. Personnel worked together to extricate the patients and helped in packaging. All four pts were flown out to trauma centers.




House Fire in the Boro


June 21st - E1-56 and the Tanker responded immediately after dispatch for this house fire at 400 N 3rd Street. E1-56 arrived first with smoke conditions in the basement. Personnel put a line in service to find a trash fire on the outside of the structure with some extension. Personnel used the TIC to check for any hot spots and vented with minor overhaul.




Mutual Aid to MMP&W


June 20th - E1-56 and T56 both responded at 2315hrs to Buchanan Trail in Cove Gap for the garage fire endangering a dwelling. 56 units arrive to assist in the operations. Units cleared at 0118hrs.



^For Pictures^


Runaway Truck


June 18th - At 1337hrs, Engine and Ambulance from 56 were alerted to Black Bear Rd and LHW for a tractor-trailer accident. Units arrived with a runaway truck on the ramp, the driver with minor injuries, and was transported for precautions.


ATV Accident




June 13th - E1-56, and EMS responded at 2002hrs to Deer Haven Road for an atv accident. Personnel arrived on scene with a UTV that had rolled over in a wooded area with a Class 1 patient. Medic 56 requested Air Medical. STAT 12 flew the pt from the FCMC LZ. Co56 went available at 2048hrs.








June 11th - At 0756hrs, E1-56 and A3-56 went responding on the auto accident at 783 Peach Orchard Road. Units arrived with a single vehicle and occupant. The Ambulance transported the pt Class 2 to the FCMC. 56 cleared at 0819hrs.


AFA To Woodside


June 10th - Company 56 units were called out at 0044hrs to 334 Woodside Drive, for the automatic fire alarm. C56 went on scene with a false trip and placed the box in service.


Two More Transfers


June 9th - At 1545hrs, A3-56 went on the transfer to Headquarters Co1. While enroute, an Engine was alerted to the transfer to FC Co18's house. E2-56 transferred with 6. Both units were clear at 1930hrs.


Day Long Transfer


June 7th - E2-56 with a crew of 5 was on stand-by today from 0700 hrs  -  1800 hrs at FC Co11's House (The Hall). The Engine handled one call, an AFA in the 44-03 Box.


Tree & Wires


June 6th - While the Engine was out on the transfer, Br1-56 responded for the trees and wires down at 586 Buck Hollow Road. Personnel arrived and cleared the roadway.


Transfer Assignment


June 6th - E2-56 transferred to Co57's quarters with 5 while they operated on the rekindle of the earlier building fire. The Engine was on stand-by for 2 hours with no calls handled.


Mutual Aid to HC


June 6th - Engine, Tanker, and Truck 56 were alerted at 0604hrs to 24397 Maddensville Pike at the Wooden Spoon for the building fire. E1-56, T56, TR56, and Car 56 were on scene and assisted in operations. 56 cleared at 0710hrs.


The Car on Med Assist


June 4th - At 1249, Co56 was dispatched for medical assist for lifting on Black Bear Road. Car 56 responded with 4 and assisted A2-56 with the lift.


Wires Down


June 4th - 56 units responded to Meadow Grounds & Back Run for wires. Personnel arrived with roadway cleared.


Three MVA's For the Day


June 3rd - At around 1530hrs, E1-56, A3-56 and the Medic went responding on the auto accident at Great Cove and East Dutch Corner. C56 arrived and requested STAT MedEvac to the FCMC Heli-pad. The Class 1 patient was transported and flown out. Units cleared this wreck at around 1630hrs. While returning to the hall, Headquarters advised Command to copy another auto accident. This one was a box truck which had overturned on the back side of Scrub Ridge on Route 30. Due to the Rescue Engine having an extended ETA from the 1st MVA, Br1-56 responded. All units arrived to confirm dispatch and EMS transported one patient to the FCMC Class 2. E1-56 remained on the scene for 3 hours with a fuel spill. Co56 was assisted by PennDOT, PSP, and Co56 & 57 FP. Company 56 cleared at 1930hrs. The Regular Company Meeting had just begun when the tones hit again for a third auto accident in the boro. Personnel arrived with two autos at the intersection of 3rd and Lincoln Way. Two patients were transported from this one. Units cleared in about an hour.



1st MVA



Truck Rollover



Boro Wreck


Semi-Busy Day






May 30th - The first call was dispatched at 1624hrs to the parking lot of GIANT for the auto fire. E1-56 arrived with the engine compartment involved. Personnel had a quick knock on it and went in service at 1649hrs.





The Engine had just returned to the hall when the tones were set again. This time for wires down and arcing across the road at 2382 Back Run Road. E1-56 arrived on the scene with television cable blocking one lane. After confirming it was indeed TV wire, personnel moved it out of the roadway, and after contacting the TV provider, Co56 went available at 1712hrs.



After filling air cylinders from the car fire and racking hose, Co56 units were alerted to Great Cove Road and Mountain Ridge Rd for the motorcycle accident. Medic 56 and Chief 56 arrived first with a Class 1 pt and the roadway completely blocked. EMS transported the patient while the Engines crew controlled hazards and cleared the road. Units returned at 1927hrs.



Pedestrian Struck


May 17th - Engine 1-56 and MICU 2-56 responded at 1825hrs to 10676 Lincoln HWY for the pedestrian accident. EMS units arrived with a Class 2 patient off the roadway. The pt was transported and units went available at 1837hrs.


Inside Investigation


May 15th - At 1545hrs, E1-56 responded on an inside investigation call, odor of gas at 201 North 2nd Street in the Boro. Personnel checked with area thoroughly with the gas meter. With no evidence of gas, the Engine cleared the scene at 1613hrs.


Chimney Fire??


May 12th - Engine, Truck, and Tanker 56 responded to the chimney fire on Ravensburg Road in Ayr Township at 0846hrs. E1-56 arrived with fire in the flu. Firefighters knocked the fire down and did the chimney cleaning thing and went in service at 0918hrs.




MVA with Entrapment


May 11th - While A2-56 and the Medic were about to pick up a patient from the FCMC for a transport, Co56 was dispatched for the auto accident with entrapment at LHW and Patterson Run Rd. E1-56 and EMS responded and arrived on scene with the patient self extricated. Personnel assisted in pt packaging and fluid control until the rollback arrived and the roadway was opened.


Possible Tree Down


May 11th - At around 2100hrs, C4-56 received a phone call at the station for a tree down across Buchanan Trail in the area of the 800 BLK. E1-56 responded and arrived to find what appeared to be the remains of a tree. With the roadway clear Company 56 returned at 2110.


AFA to ...... JLG


May 10th - At 1138hrs, Co56 units were dispatched to JLG Industries, 1 JLG Drive for the automatic alarm. C56 went on scene with a false trip, 156-56 Box was put in service.


"Car Fire"



May 8th - E1-56, T56, and A3-56 responded to Woodside Drive for the car fire. C56 arrived first to find a burn barrel on fire, negative auto fire and placed the box available.


Franklin to Fulton


May 5th - At 0239hrs Engine and Tanker 56 were alerted to Corner Road in FC Montgomery Twp. Both units responded with 4 and put available at 0251hrs.


Assist to 55 Cancelled


May 3rd - Brush 1-56 responded mutual aid to Belfast Twp on Morton Rd fro the brush fire. The Brush was cancelled within 10 minutes of response.




Update on...





The Ranger is at Bricker's Welding getting fitted for a Fire & Rescue skid unit.

Also, lettering is in the works.


More Updates to come.




A Past Vehicle Fire

Sept 13, 2007 - At around 1430 hrs, E1-56 responded to Patterson Run Road and Reunion Ground Rd for a car fire. The Engine arrived with a fully involved van. Personnel extinguished the fire and went in service at around 1515 hrs.

> From The Secret List:

Another Firefighter has been injured at a working car fire from
 "projectiles". While not a new problem, one other fairly recent event was
when a FF in Windsor Locks, CT was seriously injured when a hood strut
"took off" and shot into his leg, thru his bunker gear, seriously injuring
him as well. THAT CAR FIRE WAS ON Sunday November 21, 2004. Upon arrival

 the fire was confined to the engine compartment. During companies gaining
 access to the engine compartment, a Firefighters had just released the
 hood safety latch when the hood shock strut exploded and fired into the
 Firefighter, striking him in his upper thigh and piercing completely
 through bunker pants and his leg with the approximate 18 inch long strut.
 In the most recent event, an Oakland (CA) Firefighter remains hospitalized
 today with a broken leg when the front bumper of a burning car turned into
 a projectile late Wednesday. The Firefighter and crew had responded and
 was successfully and appropriately protecting a residential exposure from
 the fire, but while the car was burning, the front bumper blew off and
 struck the Firefighter in her left leg. She will be in the hospital
 several days and will require surgery. As you are aware, the front bumpers
 of most cars are attached to shocks that are filled with gas, under
 pressure with a metal housing...and when they get heated up-they expand
 and blow up. Hood struts function-and fail-in a similar manner when

 USE CAUTION and while lines may have to be positioned to protect exposures
 offs. Get geared up, charge the line but hit the fire from a position
 where you do not have to be an exposure yourself. Struts, bumpers, air

 bags etc-all pose a significant danger to Firefighters.
 KEEP IN MIND: It is JUST a car fire...a rare reason for any of us to ever
 get hurt...is at a BS car fire.



Warning: Watch for Explosives.







 2008 Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week
 The U.S Fire Administration is pleased to once again participate as a
 partner in the 2008 Fire/EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week, scheduled
 for June 22-28, 2008. The program is sponsored by the International
 Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the International Association of
 Fire Fighters (IAFF).

 The theme for this year is Committed to Long Term Results, which
 encourages long term investments by both chiefs and firefighters to
 enhance their health and safety. The ultimate goal is to institute a
 strong culture of health and safety within the fire and EMS service.

 Recommended activities and materials will incorporate three key areas
 where standard operating procedures, policies, and initiatives - along
 with the training and enforcement that support them - can limit fire and
 EMS personnel's risk of injury or death.

 Initiate an emergency vehicle policy, to include:
 Always buckle up.
 Always stop at red lights and stop signs.
 Always drive at speed limits and defensively.

 Fully implement the Wellness-Fitness Initiative:

 Provide annual medical and physical evaluations.
 Provide equipment and time for exercise.
 Provide nutrition information.

 Fully implement NFPA 1500, especially sections addressing personal
protective equipment (PPE):
 Provide compliant PPE.
 Train and enforce use of PPE, including respiratory protection





April 30th - At 0836hrs, 56 units were dispatched to 1524 East Dutch Corner Road for an automatic alarm. 1st Captain 56 arrived with nothing evident and found it to be a false trip. Co56 went in service at 0847hrs.


Lightning Strike on the Building



April 26th - E1-56 responded with 6 at 1855hrs to 434 Woodside Drive at the apartments for the lightning strike on a building. The Engine arrived with normal conditions. The Duty Officer held it to a single engine and placed the rest in service. Personnel found nothing and put the 156-11 Box available.


Electrical Fire


April 20th - Co56 units were alerted to 109 Corner Road for a possible electrical fire at 0858hrs. E1-56 arrived with 6 with smoke showing. Personnel found the source and extinguished with little overhaul. Co56 returned to quarters at 0929hrs.




Brush Fire in Peters Township


April 19th - At 1605hrs, Brushes 1 and 2-56 went responding along with Car 56 to FC Peters Twp, 15000 BLK of LWW. B1-56 arrived with 2 with a rapidly spreading fire. Units from 56, 9, 18, and 12 assisted in containment. Company 56 went available at 1746hrs with 14 personnel.




Transfer Assignment


April 18th - E2-56 transferred at 1502hrs to FC Co18's hall with 4 while they operated on the mountain fire on Mountain Road. The Engine went in service with no calls handled at 1815hrs.


Possible House Fire


April 17th - At 2002hrs, Co56 responded on the house fire in the Boro at 123 W. Walnut. The first arriving Engine found light smoke conditions from the outside and pulled an attack line off. Crews used force to make entry and found a microwave which had exploded with small fire. All units returned at 2034hrs.


Total of 18 Personnel.

Auto Accident


April 16th - E1-56 and A2-56 went responding at 2225hrs on the MVA in the area of Cowans Gap State Park, 6235 Aughwick Road. Apparatus arrived to find on vehicle into a tree head on with a Priority 2 pt. The Ambulance transported to the FCMC while the Engine cleaned up and controlled traffic until the roadway was clear. Company 56 went available at 0002hrs.




Brush Assist & Transfer


April 10th - At 1444hrs, a brush from 56 was alerted on the brush fire at 11545 Punchbowl Rd in Fraknlin County, Montgomery Twp. Br1-56 responded with 2 and arrived to assist Co9 and other units. At the same time, and Engine was requested to transfer to Co9's quarters. E2-56 transferred with 6. All 56 units returned at 1652hrs.


Building Fire


April 8th - Co55, 56, and WC5 units were dispatched at 0802hrs for a possible building fire at 1181 Mountain Road in Belfast Twp. First arriving pieces on scene, E2-55 and E1-56, crews found a fully involved building. Personnel quickly put lines in service to put a knock on the fire. The fire was under control in about 15 minutes. Co56 units returned at 1243hrs.



E1-56 w/ 5, T56 w/ 5

Fire in the Wall



April 4th - Co56 members were awoken at 0439hrs for fire in a wall at 927 East Dutch Corner Road. Units responded and while enroute, Capt.1-56 advised heaving smoke showing. Command requested an Engine and Tanker out of 57 to assist. 56 units arrived with heaving fire in the wall. Personnel put a knock on the fire and returned at 0630hrs.




Total of 17 personnel on scene.


Engine & Tanker To Franklin


March 29th - At 2020hrs, Engine and Tanker Co56 were alerted on the barn fire on Charlestown Rd in the 9-2 Box. E1-56 and the Tanker responded with a total of 10 at 2021hrs and staged at Co9's quarters until placed in service at 2043hrs.


Public Service / Live Burn


March 29th - Co56 traveled back to the site of the shed burn to finish off the house. Personnel took part in interior and exterior training. Also, Co55 had some training.






Another Mutual Aid to Hustontown


March 28th - E1-56 and the Tanker responded to assist Co57 at 1153 hrs to 168 Pitt Street for the chimney fire. Personnel arrived on scene to assist in ventilation and cleaning the flu. 56 went available at 1238 hrs.



Assist Call with 57


March 27th - At 1545 hrs, Co57 and 56 were alerted to 149 2nd Street in Hustontown for the inside investigation, possible dryer fire. Units arrived with smoke conditions in the mobile home. Personnel vented the home and returned to service at 1617 hrs.


E1-56 w/ 4, T56 w/ 5

Public Service


March 26th - Co56 members traveled to Big Cove Tannery to burn down sheds and out houses. Personnel on on scene for 3 hours.


Brush Assist


March 26th - A Brush from 56 was called to the scene of a wild fire on Locust Grove Road in Brush Creek Township 1413 hrs. Br1-56 responded and arrived to assist in knockdown. 56 returned at 1638 hrs.




March 23rd - At 0731 hrs, E1-56 responded with 6 to GIANT Foods, 360 S. 2nd Street for the AFA. Personnel found it to be a malfunctioning alarm system and 56 returned at 0818 hrs.


Electrocution at FPI


March 21st - Engine, Truck, Ambulance, & Medic 56 were alerted at 0920 hrs to 300 Success Drive at Fulton Precision for a a person electrocuted. Personnel arrived with a patient on the floor conscious. A2-56 and the Medic transported to FCMC. Co56 went back in service at 0927 hrs.


Total of 12 Personnel.

Smoke in a Dwelling


March 20th - At 1655 hrs, 56 units responded to 22344 Great Cove Rd for the smoke in a house. While enroute, Headquarters advised C56 a disabled person was inside the dwelling and was unable to get out. Personnel arrived with light smoke conditions coming from a malfunctioning furnace and the occupant out of the house. The Engines crew vented the house and cleared the scene at 11719 hrs.


E1-56 w/ 6, T56 w/ 5, E2-56 w/ 4

The Elevator Rescue


March 20th - Co56 was dispatched at 0805 hrs to 106 Myers Avenue in the Boro for an elevator rescue?!? E1-56 arrived with 5 to find a person trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. Personnel located the key and safely extricated the person. Co56 went available at 0818 hrs.


Another Assist Call


March 19th - A single engine from 56 and the Tanker were called at 2125 hrs to 13033 Main Street in Fort Loudon for smoke in a basement. E1-56 responded with 5 and the Tanker w/ 4. Both units were placed in service at 2139.

Video of Response Coming Soon!!


Mutual Aid to Huntington County


March 17th - E1-56 and the Tanker responded on the garage fire at 1749 hrs to 24968 Locke Road in Dublin Twp. Units from 56 just arrived on the scene to be placed available at 1815 hrs.


E1-56 w/ 6, T56 w/ 5



March 17th - At 1504 hrs, Co56 units were alerted to 711 Long View Drive for the brush fire. Units arrived to find a moderate size area involved. Personnel contained the fire and returned at 1613 hrs.




Co56 Assists In Movie Production




Co 56 members Howard, Jason, & Sue Fox and Tom Blue assisted in a movie production titled "The Road". Br1-56 wet down some areas in the movie scenes a few days out of the past couple weeks.




Kitchen Fire





March 13th - Co56 and 57 were dispatched at 1200 hrs for the kitchen fire at 1442 Patterson Run Road. E1-56 arrived to find smoke showing from a one-story single family dwelling. Crews put a line in service and contained the fire to the kitchen. The fire was under control within 2 minutes. 56 & 57 performed overhaul and vented the dwelling. Command 56 placed the 356-01 Box in service at 1330 hrs.


Units on scene: E1-56, E2-56, T56, E1-57, T57, & A3-56.
FC E18-1 covered the Hall.
Tanker on Tractor-Trailer Fire



March 12th - At 1048 hrs, T56 was dispatched to fill in a 57 Box on the tractor trailer fire. The Tanker assisted Co57 and returned at around 1130 hrs.


Auto Accident


March 9th - E1-56, A1-56, A2-56, and the CAR responded at around 1600 hrs to LHW and Pleasant Ridge Road for an MVA with unknown injuries. C56 arrived with one Class 2 pt and a Class 3 pt. The Ambulances transported the patients to the FCMC. Co 56 went in service in less than an hour.




Assisting on the Water Rescue



March 5th - At around 0600 hrs, Command 57 requested Engine Company 56 for manpower on the water rescue. E1-56 responded with 6 and arrived to assist with patient extrication. The Engine cleared in about a half hour.


TRUCK 56 Assists FCMC



Members of the McConnellsburg Fire & Rescue Department assisted the Medical Center

in taking down a radio antenna. Also check out the new sign on the "Stick" of the Truck!!


Numerous Calls


Feb 10th - Co56 responded to numerous calls of trees and wires down to a possible field fire. At 1248 hrs, the first call came in for a tree across the road at 5844 Cito Road. Br1-56 responded and arrived with a large tree completely blocking the roadway. Personnel cleared debris off the road and opened traffic. At 1400 hrs, Co56 was alerted to 429 Glenn Rock Lane for the field fire. Br1-56 arrived with wires arching and no fire. E1-56 and Car 56 responded at 1547 hrs to Strawberry Ridge Rd and Rock Hill Rd for wires down. Personnel arrived with a utility pole and wires down. Units went in service at 1601 hrs.






Feb 10th - E1-56 & A3-56 responded 0259 hrs to 26333 Great Cove Rd in Todd Twp for the auto accident. Units arrived with one auto into a shed. EMS obtained a patient refusal and Co56 units went in service.



E1-56 responded with 6, A3-56 w/ 3, and 8 POV.


Auto Accident


Feb 5th - At around 1030 hrs, E1-56, A2-56, and M56 responded to the 6000 BLK of Cito Road for the auto accident with an unconscious pt. Units arrived to confirm dispatch, A2-56 transported the Class 1 patient to Fulton County Med, later to be taken by ground to Altoona due to weather.




46th Annual Awards Banquet


Feb 2nd -  The McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company held our 46th annual awards banquet this evening to give recognition to the members. Guests enjoyed a meal catered by the American Legion, followed by awards. EMT of the Year was awarded to Cody Lynch. Ambulance Chiefs Award went to Tina Blair. Fire Chiefs Award went to Jason Buterbaugh. Fireman of the Year was awarded to Roger Everts. The Active Firefighters were given plaques with their pictures. Guests enjoyed a 16 min slide show program followed by gag gifts to lighten the evening. A good time was had by everyone, thanks to FC18 and Cumberland County 47 for handling our calls.





For More Pictures, Visit the "Lighter Side"


New Rescue Equipment


A new hydraulic pump and lines brought to you by Holmatro.


Pedestrian Accident




Jan 25th - At around 1500 hrs just as school was letting out, Co56 was alerted to LWE and North 6th Street for a pedestrian accident. Units arrived with one patient struck by an auto. A2-56 and the Medic transported to the FCMC Class 2.



Field Fire




Jan 23rd - Br1-56, T56, and E2-56 responded to 611 Long View Road at 1116 hrs for the woods fire. Units arrived with a large area involved. Personnel contained the fire and went available at 1204 hrs.



14 Personnel on scene.


Car Fire





Jan 17th - At 1113 hrs, E1-56, and A1-56 responded to LHW in Todd Twp for the auto fire. The Engine arrived with 6 with a working vehicle fire. Personnel made a quick knock on it and foamed the car. 56 units went in service with no injuries at 1145 hrs.


1st MVA of '08




Jan 11th - The first auto accident of the year results in a fatality. Units were dispatched at 0600 hrs to 22345 Great Cove Rd for the wreck. E1-56, and A2-56 responded. While enroute, Medic 56 was alerted for an unconscious patient. Units arrived with one vehicle blocking traffic with one Class 1 pt ejected. Air Medical was unable to fly due to weather, personnel packaged the pt and was transported to the FCMC Priority 1. Route 522 was closed for approx. 3 1/2 hrs.



E1-56 w/ 6, A2-56 w/ 2, and 10 POV.




Click Here to view the latest video.


Chimney Fire


Jan 9th - At 0729 hrs, Engine, Truck, and Tanker 56 responded to 809 Rockhill Road for the chimney fire. E1-56 arrived with fire in the flu. Personnel cleaned the flu and went in service in about a half hour.




Building Fire in the Boro



Jan 8th - While enroute to the wildfire, communications dispatched the 56-01 box to 219 S. Second street for a building fire. Engine 2-56 diverted from the grass fire to the Boro call. Engine 1-56 responded and arrived to find smoke showing on side Charlie from a 2 story structure. While crews from E1-56 were putting a line in service, E2-56 arrived dropping its manpower on the scene and doing a reverse lay to the hydrant at E. Maple and S. Second street. Crews put a quick knock on the fire and began ventilation. E1-57 assisted Co. 56 on the call. Units were in service within an hour.


Grass Fire In Needmore


Jan 8th - At 1317 hrs, B1-56 & E2-56 responded to 4250 Gem Bridge Road for a grass fire. C55 & B1-56 arrived with fire heading towards the woods, and put a quick knock on it.


Grants Received


Jan 6th - Two grants were received from the State. Fire was awarded $20,860.54. EMS - $9,969.28. Both will be used for debt reduction.


Smoke Dectector Activation


Jan 5th - E1-56 and A3-56 responded to 1694 Schooley Road in Licking Creek Township for a smoke detector act. Units arrived with no fire or smoke conditions and put TIC in service. With nothing found, Co56 went available with 12 personnel.


Chimney Fire w/ Extension


Jan 4th - At 1838 hrs, Engine and Tanker 56 were alerted to assist Co9 at 396 Aughwick Road in Peters Twp for a chimney fire with poss. extension. E1-56 arrived with 5 with fire in the wall. Personnel knocked the fire down and advised DC9 . Co56 went in service at 2010 hrs with a total of 13.




Transfer Assignment


Jan 2nd - E2-56 transferred with 6 to Co57's quarters while they operated on the HC fire. The Engine cleared at 0046 hrs.


Truck to Huntington County


Jan 2nd - At 2105 hrs, Co57 along with Truck 56 responded to assist Huntington on a house fire at 23307 Cedar Rd. TR56 arrived on scene with 4 along with Car 56 with 4. Personnel set up Truck operations and assisted in knockdown and overhaul. The Truck went available at 2306 hrs.




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